HEYU - X10 Automation for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X


Utilities and Scripts

UR81A_Action.sh    2007-10-21
A user-modifiable shell script which allows execution of arbitrary commands (e.g., multimedia controls) when an RF signal is received from an X-10 UR81A "Entertainment Anywhere" (or similar) Universal Remote by the Heyu auxiliary daemon.   System requirements are one of the RF receivers supported by Heyu.   See the header in the script for usage information.

Lux23    2007-06-19
Lux17    2007-06-19
Lux23 and Lux17 are front ends for Heyu which provide a command line interface for configuring and controlling the X-10  UX23A  "VCR Commander II" and the older UX17A  "IR Commander"  RF-to-IR converters, respectively. These converters emulate the IR remote control for TV, VCR, DVD, Cable box, Satellite box, and CD appliances from a variety of manufacturers.   A cable with three IR emitters is shipped with the device, providing for control of up to three compatible appliances via RF signals.   System requirements are an X-10  CM17A "Firecracker" device to transmit the RF signals and Heyu 2.0beta.11 or higher.   See the manpage included in the package for complete usage information.

TK10heyu    2007-03-25
TK10heyu is a simple Tcl/Tk graphical interface for Heyu under Linux which mimics an X-10 HR12A PalmPad remote and uses Heyu to send On, Off, Dim, and Bright X10 commands directly to the CM11A powerline interface.    It is a shameless hack of Michael Corral's TK10 GUI which uses the "Bottlerocket" program to send X10 RF signals with a CM17A "Firecracker" device.

clock_check.sh    2005-10-24
A shell script for use with the Heyu Engine to check for excessive drift in the CM11A clock. It compares the actual system time an uploaded timer event is executed with the time it is intended to have been executed. If the difference is outside a specified tolerance, an email is sent to specified recipients via the local email system. See the header in the script for usage information.

lamp_timer.sh    2007-10-17 (revised)
When launched by the Heyu Engine by an On signal to a module, this BASH script starts a countdown timer which will turn Off the module after the number of minutes specified. Subsequent On signals while the module is still in the On state will reset the countdown to its originally specified time. An Off signal cancels the countdown. See the header in the script for usage information. [Note: The user-configurable timers introduced with Heyu 2.0beta.10 provide a more flexible alternative to using this script.]