HEYU - X10 Automation for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X



Heyu was created by Daniel B. Suthers based on an early program (known as X10) for the CP290 interface by Larry Campbell, with contributions from John Chmielewski and Paul Fox.

The enhanced features of Heyu Version 2 for uploaded schedules, state functions, execution of scripts, and CM17A interface were added by the current Heyu maintainer, Charles W. Sullivan (Email ID: cwsulliv01 Email domain: -at- heyu -dot- org).


Special thanks to those in the Heyu User Community, too many to name individually, who have contributed to the success of Heyu by submitting enhancement patches, bug reports and bug fixes, HowTo's, feature requests, and guidance for other users via the heyu_users forum.


The Heyu website was created by Charles W. Sullivan based on a style sheet by David A. Knight, with assistance from Tom Gamble.

The Heyu logo was created by Chris Negus.

Our webmaster is Tom Gamble (Email ID: webmaster Email domain: -at- heyu -dot- org).


HEYU is a trademark of Daniel B. Suthers.

As used on this website and in Heyu documentation:
X10, CM11A, CM17A, ActiveHome, and Firecracker are trademarks of X-10 (USA) Inc.
PowerLinc, SwitchLinc, LampLinc, and TempLinc are trademarks of Smarthome, Inc.
Home Director is a trademark of IBM Corporation.

(The authors have no affiliation with the above companies.)